Healthcare Affordability Scorecard


Polling data repeatedly shows that healthcare affordability is the top issue that state residents, on both sides of the political aisle, want their policymakers to work on. 

Massachusetts' Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard identifies areas where the state is doing well and areas where it can improve. As the scorecard shows, Massachusetts policymakers have a robust toolset they can use to ensure all residents have affordable coverage that features consumer-friendly cost-sharing and premiums that reflect the efficient delivery of healthcare and fair healthcare pricing.

Massachusetts has relatively high healthcare spending per person. While a lower percentage of residents reported affordability problems than in other states, affordability remains a concern in over a quarter of residents. Underlying healthcare costs remain high despite recent moderation in healthcare spending growth.

Our companion document, Healthcare Affordability State Policy Checklist, provides a quick overview of the actions Massachusetts still needs to take.  

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Also available:

  • A full report that uses our unique dataset to look across states, identifies trends, highlights case studies and examines evidence in relation to our core policy categories to help states move forward.
  • A scorecard methodology report that includes a discussion of processes and policies used to evaluate states.