A Resources Timeline for Vermont Reforms

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1989 - Dr. Dynasaur, a publicly funded insurance program for kids, is enacted

1998 - The Office of the Health Care Advocate is created

2003 - The Blueprint for Health is launched, aiming to better integrate care


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is passed


Act 48 creates the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB). The group is tasked with employing regulation, innovation and program evaluation to ensure that changes to the health system improve quality while stabilizing costs.

(see: reports produced by the Green Mountain Care Board)


Act 171 enacts insurance market adjustments, malpractice reform and ACA compliance measures.


The GMCB assumes responsibility for VHCURES, the state’s all-payer claims database.

The state is awarded a State Innovation Model (SIM) grant from CMS. The four-year grant aims to expand and integrate innovative provider payment and health information technology that supports more effective and efficient care delivery.


After 3 years of study, Vermont abandons its plan for a single-payer system due to cost concerns.

News Coverage:

Advocates, including Vermont Health Care for All, continue to push for single payer and universal coverage (see 2016 activity).


Act 54 commissions the study of an all-payer model to be enacted through a CMS waiver.

The Office of the Health Care Advocate publishes a set of Consumer principles for Vermont’s All Payer Model


Act 113 funds a study of the potential expansion of the Dr. Dynasaur program to cover those up to age 26. It separately commissions the study of a program to provide universal primary care.

In a setback, the Supreme Court holds in Gobeille vs. Liberty Mutual that federal law prevents states from compelling self-funded insurers to report their data to all-payer claims databases.

Despite the adverse ruling, advocates continue to strategize on potential next steps in order to sidestep the ruling.