Courage Kenny Advanced Primary Care Clinic



The Advanced Primary Care Clinic at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is a state-certified medical home that specifically targets patients with disabilities and other complex health conditions.  The model employs a single clinic that provides access to multidisciplinary and coordinated care services that include social worker consultations and referrals to additional resources. The care team works with the patient to establish goals and provides services such as same day appointments in an effort to improve access to care.  In 2014, the clinic served 248 patients.

Partner Organizations

  • Courage Kenny Advanced Primary Care Center
  • Allina Health
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services

Target Population

Adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral problems, mental illness, cognitive impairment, physical disabilities or multiple chronic conditions

Care Team

Registered nurse, social worker, care coordinator, physicians, dietitian


2011 - present

Results/ Studies

2014: On average clients had 66% fewer hospital days after enrolling in the clinic, and the average number of days spent in the hospital each year for each client dropped from 10.6 days to 3.6 days. This lowered costs by an average $1,277 per client per month


Federal grant


Program website
CMS Innovation Center - Advanced Primary Care initiatives 

2014 - Reported outcomes