Truman Medical Centers Super-Utilizer Project



Truman Medical Centers (TMC) is a not-for-profit health system that provides safety net care to residents of Western Missouri who are uninsured or under-insured. The system is working to improve care for high-need patients using a team-based, medical home model. Eligible patients (identified through utilization data and medical histories) receive care that is coordinated by a nurse and social worker who work individually with the patient to ensure that goals are met. This involves connecting patients with physicians, pharmacists and other caregivers, and helping them understand and manage their illnesses. In 2015, TMC announced it had partnered with Cerner to deploy advanced population health data management software throughout the health system.

Partner Organizations

  • Truman Medical Centers
  • UMKC School of Medicine
  • Local Federally Qualified Health Centers

Target Population

Medicaid enrollees with multiple chronic conditions, multiple medications and mental illness or substance abuse problems

Care Team

Registered nurse, social worker 


2012 - present

Results/ Studies



Federal grant initially, health system currently


Profile by the Camden Coalition

News article about partnership with Camden Coalition (2013)