Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedicine Programs



Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedicine programs expand the role of licensed paramedics to provide education and primary care, in addition to traditional emergency response. Specially trained community paramedics conduct home visits to assess patients' medical and social needs and provide basic services, such as: education on healthy lifestyle choices; chronic disease management; medication reconciliation and education; and refferals to community resources. The goal of these programs is to reduce unnecessary and/or preventable emergency department visits by helping patients effectively manage their conditions before serious problems arise. Early studies suggest that these programs may prevent congestive heart failure readmissions, reduce Emergency Medical Services frequent-user transports and reduce emergency department visits. 

Partner Organizations

Varies by program

Target Population

Low-income and elderly populations with limited access to care

Care Team

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Varies by program

Results/ Studies

Mobile Integrated Health Care and Community Paramedicine: An Emerging Emergency Medical Services Concept (Annals of Emergency Medicine, July 2015)


Varies by program


Program description