UF Health's Care One Clinic



UF Health's Care One Clinic is a multidisciplinary "ambulatory intensive care unit" designed to connect super-utilizing, high-cost patients to needed services. Services include help with understanding insurance options, assistance in obtaining affordable medications and connection with community resources and counseling services. Most importantly, the clinic strives to connect patients to primary care physicians to address patients' long-term needs, such as acute and chronic disease management, counseling, medication consults, referrals for specialty needs and social services. Care One Clinic enrolled 635 patients between November 2012 and October 2014. Of those, 186 were super-utilizers and 449 were post-discharge patients.

Partner Organizations

  • UF Health

Target Population

Super-utilizers who meet eligibility criteria 

Care Team

Social worker, clinical pharmacist, hospitalist, addiction specialist and registered nurses


2012 - 2015

Results/ Studies

Among the super-utilizers, hospitalizations dropped by 25 percent, hospital days fell by 23 percent and ED visits decreased by 11 percent in the six months after enrollment, compared with the six months before. Additionally, the number of unfunded hospitalizations among all clinic patients fell by 206 during the same period, representing about $1.8 million in savings (Advisory Board). 


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Program website

How UF Health Cut Hospitalizations Among 'Super-Utilizers' by 25 Percent (2016)