Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center's Women's Health Center



The Women's Health Center at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford provides a variety of services to address social determinants as part of a comprehensive plan to improve the health of the patients it serves. The "obstetrical home" employs a full-time social worker to help women enroll in Medicaid, find housing, address domestic abuse and connect with community-based services to resolve other issues, such as heating. A psychotherapist is located in the department to help patients struggling with mental health issues, and clinicians regularly screen for dental issues and make appointments for needed services. Pregnancy-related educational programs like Healthy Start have space in the center, so women can learn more about pregnancy and resources without having to go to another office. The center also staffs a dietician to teach first-time mothers about eating healthily during pregnancy and nutrition for babies and young children, as well as how to find healthy foods in a city where most neighborhoods lack a full supermarket. After each session, the women recieve food from the hospital's food bank. 

Partner Organizations

  • Connecticut Health Foundation
  • Newman's Own Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Target Population

Pregnant women, many of whom are low-income and on Medicaid

Care Team

Clinicians, social worker, psychotherapist, dietician


Information not available

Results/ Studies

Information not available


Private grants, health system


"When health care means helping with challenges that go beyond the clinic" (Connecticut Health Foundation, January 2018)