Past Disasters Shaped Policy—Let’s Prepare Now for Our Post COVID-19 World   

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May 8, 2020
2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EST 


COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis that has redirected our policy and healthcare bandwidth to unanticipated activities and profoundly engaged the public. The crisis has also caused us to question our policy priorities and our preparedness. But as past crisis have taught us, this new policy openness could have potentially lasting effects, reinforcing the necessity of getting our COVID-19 policy response right.   

This webinar featured a wide ranging set of experts that discussed the issues of emergency preparedness, the disparate effects on vulnerable populations, our new appreciation for coverage and the role of cost-sharing and ensuring that our new policy openness has a lasting, positive impact on Americans.

Agenda & Speakers:


Past Disasters Illustrate Policy Opportunity & Danger 

Lessons for Our Public Health System

Ensuring Equal Protection for All

Universal, Quality Coverage as a Public Health Measure

  • Joan Alker, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Center for Children and Families, Georgetown University Health Policy Institute

  • Sabrina Corlette, Founder & Co-Director, Center on Health Insurance Reforms, Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy 

Maintaining Policy Gains During a Period of State Austerity

  • Louisa Warren, Director of State Strategies and Engagement, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Questions & Answers

  • Moderated by Lynn Quincy
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Topic Resrouces:  

As past crisis have taught us, potentially lasting policy effects can arise from COVID, reinforcing the need to prepare now for the post-COVID world we want to live in.

Strengthening Public Health: 

Public health is the best bang for our collective buck--it has consistently saved the most lives for the least amount of money.

Universal, Quality Coverage as a Public Health Measure:

COVID created a new emphasis on public health which, in turn, strengthened our understanding of critical role of quality coverage for all

Private health insurance vulnerable to economic downturns but COVID spurred new measures to strengthen:

Ensuring ALL are protected equally: 

Reports of disparities in treatment outcomes, deaths, job loss and more—connected to COVID - are horrific. People must make good choices, but they must have good choices to make. An adequate pandemic response requires a recognition of the structural factors governing the lives of vulnerable populations and a commensurate response.