Live Well San Diego

Webinars and Resources

Real progress on health outcomes and health system efficiency requires collaboration across community level stakeholders to ensure that incentives are aligned and the actions of different partners mutually reinforce the community’s health and efficiency goals. Whether you call them Accountable Care Communities or Accountable Health Communities, leveraging the ability of these initiatives to improve healthcare value is essential to making progress.  

To highlight this focus on aligning clinical and community-based organizations for achieving healthcare value goals, the Hub sponsored a deep dive into the Live Well San Diego initiative. The three webinars explored:


Webinar Descriptions

Feb. 22, 2018

Introduction & Background: This session set the stage regarding theevolution of Live Well San Diego (LWSD). It provided an overview of the LWSD vision and strategy and described their system of measuring impact.

March 1, 2018

Infrastructure and Approach: This session illuminated the vital role of building a region of health and social wellness, and the importance of advancing social capital and expanding community capacities.

March 6, 2018

Key Lessons and Takeaways: This session provided a review of the goals, challenges, successes achieved by LWSD, as well as next steps for the group, and identified the key ingredients for replication in other communities.



  • Healthcare Value Hub, Local & County Level Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Improving Healthcare Value (Hub report forthcoming).