Affordability Scorecard | January | January 2020

2020 Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard - Methodology

The Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard examines how well state policymakers steward their healthcare systems to address healthcare affordability-state residents’ top priority. As described in detail below, this policy scorecard is unique in two ways.

First, it combines publicly available data with custom data creation to provide a comprehensive picture of healthcare affordability.

Additionally, it scores states on both policies and outcomes across four domains. 

Note: this scorecard is retrospective and only scores states on policies that were implemented as of December 31, 2019 and were impacting the lives of state residents at that time. State policies slated for implementation from 2020 on are noted, but not (yet) factored into states’ scores. 

This methodology document is accompanied by a “Summary Report” that looks across our unique dataset to identify state trends and provides case studies/links to supporting research to help states move forward. 

Click here for the full Methodology report.